Deshapriya Park Durgotsav – e Offering

A puja committee in South Kolkata that erected the tallest Durga idol in the world last year has come up with the Goddess in her ‘Hajaar Haat’ (one thousand hands) avatar this time. This Puja Committee popular as Deshapriya Park Durgotsav dates back to 1938. It was a time when people were driven by the fire of patriotism, with dreams of independent India and it became a predominant phenomenon in Bengal to organise groups in locales and observe religious activities, creating a platform fostering patriotism and furthering the nation’s struggle for independence. With an uncompromising commitment towards promoting our rich culture, this Samity has been successfully carrying forward a 78 year old glorious legacy of celebrating the occasion. We are proud to be associated with Deshapriya Park Durgotsav as their perfect banking partner, which has established a legacy of presenting something unique every year for which puja revellers eagerly wait. We invite you to make your offerings to the Deshapriya Park Durgotsav through this portal in a swift and easy way. Jai Mata Di!

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